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Bohemia Style Soft Decoration Whole House Furnishing for Apartment

Categories Bathroom Shower Faucets
Brand Name: Chen Xin
Model Number: Bohemia
Certification: CE , ISO2001 , ISO2014
Place of Origin: CHINA
MOQ: 1 set
Price: Under 20 , 000 USD for one set
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100 set / month
Delivery Time: 30 work days
Packaging Details: in wooden shelf with carton and bubbles
Material: Multiple
Color: Multiple
Style: Bohemia
MOQ: 1 set
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Bohemia Style Soft Decoration Whole House Furnishing for Apartment

Bohemia Style Soft Decoration Whole House Furnishing for Apartment

The magic dream of life through the moon to the moon .

No matter what you ' re looking at , it ' s like Bohemian style .

If you are unable to get enough people in the 1970 s , the model of plant , weave , geometric shapes and Bohemian interior comfort of chaos , there are five places can get daily inspiration .

The focus of Bohemian style is more focused on fashion not decoration , or you can draw a beautiful pattern , happy fashion , which is the characteristic of Bohemian style .

If you are bold and unconstrained style , wild can only the simplest part ( such as water and electricity ) , the basis of the semi - finished product ( or paint the walls and only ) , let me teach you now only soft outfit , create color collision Bohemian living room !

Bohemian decorate most personality is tonal , the household design utilizes tonal the boldest , general like Picasso ' s abstract painting and medieval religious paintings , use dark , dark blue , black , rose , such as strong colour collocation , reflect master free , bold and unrestrained personality characteristics .

For furniture , general choose cane to make up table chair , tea table , sofa is mostly , adorn with greenery , design is concise , natural and fresh .

In fact , the Bohemian style is changeable and free and flexible , covering different styles of design , creating an imaginative space to meet the needs of consumers ' various tastes .

Bohemian style is a style that many people prefer , because it not only looks colorful and energetic , but also has a mysterious sense of art and national norm .

But Bohemian home outfit , also very test a person ' s grade and eyes , if you think you can taste a little worse in this respect , but really the Bohemian love too deep , the small make up today will give you five Bohemian living room decorated tips , let the other people in your home can be amazing .

The color you choose determines the atmosphere in your living room .

Many people like to mix and match colors , and some people will like a color , but only with the same color of different colors of soft decorations .

But remember , to realize the Bohemian style , you need to be different colors to mix build , you can choose some different color hold pillow in the arms or small accessories in your living room , it will bring you the most direct visual impact .

When selecting a sitting room lighting , we first need to ensure that it seems to be the warm , then you are picking up style , can be biased towards those with retro lamps and lanterns of the lampshade , because it can make your mysterious situation and long , this is also a Bohemian need .

Of course in color choice , had better also choose a few as far as possible , different lamps and lanterns can have different color .

To form a unique style of Bohemia , on furniture choice , you must put aside those normal shape and the style of furniture as far as possible to choose diverse shapes and interesting modelling furniture , let a guest can choose furniture from you , to feel your thoughts and artistic taste , so they know what it takes to make your living room looks so different .

Soft clothing and accessories are the soul of a style , so we must focus on it .

For the Bohemian style , we can use more hand - made soft ornaments , because they are not only unique , but also have great ornamental value , which can be eye - catching wherever we put them .

Best parenting knowledge !

You can also show a few vintage paintings on the wall , and they will make your home more stylish .

So if you go to travel to different places , if you see an old or ethnic characteristics of works of art , don ' t hesitate , buy it , because it is likely to be that make your room more relative work .

Actually no matter you want to choose which kind of home outfit style , we had better be to ensure the style of each space in the home is unified , except mix and build style outside of course .

Of Bohemia wind wavelengths , as such , you not only need to be done in the sitting room is dressed up , the adjacent restaurant , room area to a certain style elements , such as otherwise your sitting room even more good - looking , also looks very abrupt .

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Single SofaEucalyptus + sponge + Linen(One pillow included)890*900*7601US$368.21US$368.21Must have
Triple SofaEucalyptus + sponge + Linen(Three pillows included)2070*900*7601US$600.36US$600.36Must have
PedalEucalyptus + sponge + Linen920*760*4601US$192.50US$192.50Must have
Tea tableRubber + panel board1300*700*4001US$362.14US$362.14Must have
TV StandRubber + panel board1400*380*3351US$278.57US$278.57Must have
TV Stand ShelfRubber + panel board + marble1200*300*4001US$219.64US$219.64Must have
ChandelierMaterialIron-Glass Shade1160*8501US$239.29US$239.29Must have
chest of drawersrubber wood timber + panel board600*430*10751US$221.79US$221.79Opotional
paintingenvironmental pu frame + Printing Core + Glass600*6001US$105.36US$105.36Opotional
LampWooden + Fabric ShadeD360*H6501US$76.79US$76.79Opotional
SofaBedEucalyptus Shelf + sponge + cotton and linen
Three Pillows,Five Pillows
Sofa2380*860*700Bed 2380*1440*4001US$867.14US$867.14Opotional
paintingenvironmental pu frame-Printing Core + Glass600*6001US$105.36US$105.36Opotional
Dining Tablerubber wood timber + panel board1350*750*7601US$430.00US$430.00Opotional
Dining ChairsRubber + panel board470*530*9201US$156.43US$156.43Opotional
Chandelier(three in one set)Iron baking finish three in one setA:D190*H400
paintingframe + Printing450*8001US$110.71US$110.71Opotional
1.8M Low box BedRubber + panel board + sponge + Linen2180*2040*10401US$658.57US$658.57Opotional
Night Standrubber wood timber + panel board500*430*4852US$122.14US$244.28Opotional
ceiling lightMaterialbaking finish + Acrylic cover500*1001US$136.79US$136.79Opotional
paintingframe + Painting800*4001US$104.64US$104.64Opotional
1.8M Spring Low box Bed MattressSpring + sponge + Grinding wool fabrics1800*2000*2201US$281.79US$281.79Opotional
1.8M Bed Mattressdacron + Spring + environmental Brown1800*2000*2001US$166.43US$166.43Opotional
Night StandRubber + panel board500*430*4851US$122.14US$122.14Must have
1.5m Low box BedRubber + panel board2160*1730*10001US$457.14US$457.14Must have
ceiling lightIronbaking finish + Acrylic cover500*1001US$102.50US$102.50Must have
paintingframe + Painting1000*3501US$109.29US$109.29Opotional
1.5m Spring Low box Bed MattressSpring + sponge + Grinding wool fabrics2200*24001US$426.79US$426.79Opotional
1.5m Bed Mattressdacron + Spring + environmental Brown150*2000*2001US$157.86US$157.86Opotional
1.5m Low box BedRubber + panel board2160*1800*9701US$468.57US$468.57Must have
Night Standrubber wood timber + panel board500*430*4851US$122.14US$122.14Must have
paintingframe + Painting800*4001US$104.64US$104.64Opotional
1.5m Bed Mattressdacron + Spring + environmental Brown1500*2000*2001US$157.86US$157.86Opotional
Deskrubber wood timber + panel board1410*700*7501US$468.57US$468.57
Chairrubber wood timber630*530*10651US$283.21US$283.21
Two Doors BookcaseRubber + panel board880*380*20001US$409.64US$409.64
Three doors BookcaseRubber + panel board1280*380*20001US$602.14US$602.14
Chandelier(No bulb)Hardwarebaking finishD4001US$53.21US$53.21Must have
paintingSolid Wood T Frame + Painting800*6001US$135.71US$135.71Opotional
Shoes CabinetRubber + panel board1050*375*10501US$323.57US$323.57Opotional
ClosetRubber + panel board
(One drawer included Closet)
ClosetRubber + panel board
(One drawer included ,Pants Shelf)
Side CabinetRubber + panel board1150*375*9051US$357.50US$357.50Opotional
Two Doors Closetrubber wood timber + medium density fiberboard
(One drawer included Pants Shelf)
Drawer(Not include Miorror)Rubber + panel board1120*400*7501US$248.93US$248.93Opotional
Miorrorpanel board + Glass765*550*201US$52.14US$52.14Opotional
Triple Door Closetrubber wood timber + panel board
(One drawer included Pants Shelf)
ChairRubber + panel board385*285*4101US$31.43US$31.43Opotional
Bunk Bed (Not include Stairs)panel board2150*1280*17801US$1,282.14US$1,282.14Opotional
ChandelierIron + Glass850*6001US$157.86US$157.86Opotional

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